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About Us

With integrity as our cornerstone, we combine a passion for building great relationships with an obsession for quality to craft exceptional homes.

We turn your dreams into reality.

We don’t just build homes and transform spaces at Villamar, we see it as much more than that. Each project is an opportunity to partner with our clients, to truly get to know them and turn dreams into reality.

You’re coming to us for our skill and expertise, but also for guidance and leadership. We are the experts, and we want to understand how to best navigate this journey with you. Let us carry the load on the difficult stuff…it’s what we do. We want you to enjoy the process, and get involved in the fun parts. We’ll keep you informed each step along the way and navigate any obstacles, all while expertly managing your expectations.

We are committed to this from your first contact with us to the final walk-through. Each member of our team shares these same goals. We want to have a better relationship with you at the end of a project than we do at the beginning. And because referrals are important to us, we know that if we do this well, our clients will (and do) give us glowing references and positive feedback.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you provide?

Villamar Construction is a company that specializes in the quality construction of custom single-family homes and renovations, as well as commercial build outs and tenant improvements (with a specialty in medical/dental). We are typically involved from the planning and permitting right through to final occupancy and walkthrough. This includes monitoring site safety, quality control, inspections and communicating with design and consultants.

How much time do I need to commit, and when?

The initial meeting to view the site will help us to determine together what the scope of the project will be. From that point, we will typically schedule another in-person or virtual meeting to discuss in more detail the mechanical and electrical systems, materials and finishes. If it’s a renovation, we will do our best to discuss some of the unknowns that we might encounter. All of this information will be used to put together a detailed budget and timeline.

What additional costs can I expect?

All design and third-party consultants are not included as part of our estimate; consultants can include surveyors, engineers, arborists, energy advisors, architects, geotechnical engineers, landscape designers and biologists – which all depend on the project. Other fees that are not included in our budget include municipal application fees, permit fees, remediation (if required), appliances and landscaping. Our goal is to clearly communicate what is in our budget, and inform you of other potential costs

Do you charge for the initial consultation? What information can I give to help you to help with the initial consultation/design?

We do not charge for the initial consultation. Some items that help during the initial meeting would be: a survey or site plan, construction blueprints, a list or photos of some of the materials and finishes you would like to use

Do you ever design energy efficient homes?

Yes, following both BC Building Code and BC Energy Step Code we have lots of expertise in building energy efficient homes. We obviously will meet the minimum BC standards, but like to talk with clients about exceeding these standards to make a much more efficient home. In addition to heating and cooling energy benefits, there may be other items that create more home comfort.

Do you build outside of Victoria, BC?

Not at this time. Our typical geographical range is greater Victoria from the western communities to the tip of the Saanich Peninsula. If your project falls outside of this area, please know that for certain projects we may consider this, and we sometimes have other contacts we can refer you to.

Can you help for those who lost their home in a fire?

In these unfortunate circumstances, yes we are able to help. We have experience with helping clients negotiate with insurance companies after a disaster like a fire to help you get a fair settlement that reflects the current cost to replace your home.

What does the design process look like?

The construction process consists of:

  1. The initial consultation
  2. High level budget conversation
  3. Research & discussion on finishes and materials
  4. Providing a detailed budget
  5. Adjustments to the budget if needed
  6. Timeline and Construction Start Date Discussion
  7. Contract signoff and job setup (includes setting client access to our construction software)
  8. Job start
  9. Regular progress updates on construction, budget and timeline
  10. Managing and communicating changes as needed

Do I have to get involved with inspections/permit/development services?

You don’t have to be involved as we will take care of all the services for you.

How long has your company been in business?

Since 2006, Villamar specializes in construction, design, working with municipalities, creating subdivision & rezoning plans, and more.

What makes Villamar Construction different from other construction firms?

Villamar Construction is committed to honesty and integrity to our clients. Our transparency and communication sets us apart from other construction firms. As our past clients can attest to, underlining everything we do is a desire to build solid relationships with our clients, and emphasize the “enjoy” in our tagline: Design. Build. Enjoy. Give us a call and we can describe some of these and other benefits to you.