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Important Considerations Regarding A General Contractor Home Builder

Whether you’re considering a custom new home build, a home addition or just a bathroom / kitchen renovation; hiring a good general contractor home builder can be one of the most important and stressful decisions you will make. In Victoria BC, we literally have hundreds of options to choose from and let’s face it, you want the very best. So, how do you navigate through the unknown? At Villamar, we have taken a bit of our time to compose a list of questions and ideas that can get you started on the ‘right foot’ and hiring the best contractor for your needs.

How much?

This is probably the biggest question that you need an answer for. The majority of bad experiences has resulted in not getting the proper answer to this question. Perhaps you opted to not get it in writing or you paid a contractor, who then leaves you halfway through completing the project. Here are some points to consider.

  • Get it in writing:
    Ask your home builder to give you a written estimate, this will give you a good idea on where you are going and what to expect. Even for a smaller bathroom renovation, the same is true. Written estimates can save yourself much unwanted grief.
  • Cash isn’t always King:
    Well, for the most part… cash is king. However, when your dealing with home renovations, paying someone cash without any paperwork can lead to major problems. One of the big reasons is accountability; some of the time, contractors who are paid cash can leave home owners high and dry, even after completing a job.

Respect and Trust

These are two very important character traits in using a general contractor home builder for your renovation or new build, but how do you assess these key areas?

  • Meet in person:
    You are going to be spending a lot of time with your general contractor. So, it’s important to meet each other and see if will be able to work together.
  • Meet some of the trades people and workers:
    Watch how the contractor deals with his crew and trades people. Most of the very best contractors will show and receive respect from their crew and trades people they deal with.
  • Customer Reviews:
    Hear what customers are saying about the general contractor that you will be choosing. Some of the information received on third party web sites are not always valid but most reliable contractors can give you a list of satisfied customers.


We rarely see construction companies mentioning this on their website, however at Villamar it is a key area to keep up to date. The very best general contractor home builders will practice safe policy procedures.

  • Hazardous Material:
    In Victoria BC, WorksafeBC has been cracking down on unsafe working conditions. Has your general contractor mentioned what safety guidelines they will use in the demolition process? It’s nothing to get too worried about, if handled correctly and early on.
  • Licensing and training:
    Find out if your general contractor is up to date in their licensing and training of their crew. You want to make sure that the proper insurance is in place for the construction.

As you can see, there is a lot to consider in choosing the very best general contractor home builder in Victoria BC. These areas of focus will help in narrowing down your decision. At Villamar Construction, by practicing the above points, we strive to cultivate lasting positive relationship with our clients, crew, partners and greater community.